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Enjoy the selection of veg/flower and herb seeds. Each month there will be a different choice

Monthly gardening veg, herb, flower seed box.

Designed to connect children with the outdoors.

A discovery box that delivers a monthly seed/bulb gardening subscription for growing food/flowers and herbs at the right time of the years. The box has been carefully curated by an environmental consultant. Suitable for indoor and outdoor gardening. The box will be personalised depending on the month, and will include a mixture of veg/flowers and herbs. Take the thinking out of growing and have it delivered to your door!

What is included in the box? 

Our boxes are 100% eco friendly! Each month you will receive

 5 different types of veg/flower or herb seeds
Compost discs
Biodegradable grow bags
Easy to follow instructions 
One fun activity

We Design. We Ship. You Enjoy.

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